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After his first solo backpacking trip in 2012, Christopher became a travel junkie who loves to explore the world with his backpack. In his profession life, he is a digital marketing specialist helping organisations complement their business strategies with digital marketing techniques since 2006.

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Kem Xôi Dừa – Coconut rice ice-cream

My friend Aldric wanted to introduce me to this dessert called Kem Xôi Dừa after dinner. He claimed that this is one of the must-have dessert in Ho Chi Minh. Together with other travel friends that I met in the hostel, we walked along Bùi Viện street to the food stall located along the street. The making of the dessert is fairly simple. Crack a young coconut into half Separate the coconut flesh from the walls of the coconut Add a large spoonful of sticky rice or glutinous rice Add a scoop of vanilla ice-cream Sprinkle roasted nuts and pumpkin bits Add a generous serving of Nata de coco Finish off with a layer of coconut cream Amy and I bought a Kem Xôi Dừa each and we enjoyed this dessert. We were also served a cup of fresh coconut water from the young coconut. This is definitely a must-have dessert. If you are walking.
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A quiet afternoon at the Ho Chi Minh Fine Arts Museum

Located near the Bến Thành Market, the Fine Arts Museum exhibits some of the greatest artworks created throughout the history of the Vietnam. There are also works from renowned foreign artists being exhibited. The museum is housed in an impressive colonial building with both Chinese and French influences. Both influences complement each other very well and are produce an architecture that’s very pleasing to the eye. Admissions into the Fine Arts Museum costs 10,000 VND and tickets can be purchased outside the museum. The interior of the building is just as impressive as the exterior. I love the simplicity and large space. There is also an antique lift (non-working) at the main staircase. Walking up the stairs, I noticed the well-restored French influenced windows and stair railings. On the second and third floors, vintage sliding gates are installed to lock portions of the floor, retaining the vintage look of the building. On.
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Getting in and out of Tan Son Nhat International Airport in Ho Chi Minh City

If you are flying in to Ho Chi Minh from overseas, it is most likely that you will land in Terminal 2 of Tan Son Nhat International Airport. The cheapest way to get in and out of the airport is by taking the Airport Bus 152 that bus terminal opposite the famous Bến Thành Market. Once you leave the airport through the Arrival Hall exit, turn right and near the Burger King outlet is the Airport Bus 152. Public buses in Ho Chi Minh operates on a fixed fare of 5,000 VND regardless of the distance to generate high ridership. Though the fares are low, the quality of the buses are on par with buses in Singapore. For the Airport Bus, if you are carrying a large luggage, you may need to pay an additional 5,000 VND for it. I didn’t have to pay any additional fare with my backpack. Here’s a.
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My life in a backpack – what to pack for a short backpacking trip

After my first backpacking trip in Thailand, I was convinced that I had packed too much. With a minimalist approach, I worked on swapping out my existing backpacking gear with more compact and portable options, testing new things and removing non-essential ones along the way in each backpacking trip. A short trip for me is any trip ranging from 1 week to 4 weeks and I would pack the same. Tomorrow I will be on a 5-day (really short!) backpacking trip in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam and here is what I brought. Backpacks I can’t stress enough how important it is to have a comfortable backpack. Not only does it need to be able to accommodate everything that you are bringing, it needs to fit you and your body such that you can comfortably carry your backpack and walk for a long period of time. My backpack choice for a short.
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How to stay fit when travelling the world

If you are into fitness like me, you probably thought about how to stay fit when travelling abroad. Being on the road with a constant changing environment makes it hard to maintain a workout routine, especially if you are used to visiting the gym regularly. While it is not impossible to stay in shape when travelling, it does takes a lot of determination to accomplish this. Realistically, you will definitely lose some of your fitness level when travelling because of the infrequent (and likely unhealthy) meals and increase in alcohol intake. Coupled with the occasional late-night parties late and sleeping-in during the day, we have the perfect combination of an unhealthy lifestyle. Research about your travel destination Understand what is available to you at your next travel destination. Is there a local park, beach or public swimming pool near your hostel? Can you ditch the cab and walk to the tourist.
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