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After his first solo backpacking trip in 2012, Christopher became a travel junkie who loves to explore the world with his backpack. In his profession life, he is a digital marketing specialist helping organisations complement their business strategies with digital marketing techniques since 2006.

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How to travel the world and stay in constant contact with everyone

One of the biggest challenge when travelling is being able to stay in contact with friends and family. Especially if you are travelling across multiple countries, it is impossible to let everyone know what’s your newest mobile number. Sure, you can maintain a roaming mobile number from your home country but how much would that cost you if you will be travelling for say, 6 months? I definitely wouldn’t want to end my trip with a large phone bill waiting for me back home. Having travelled extensively over the last 2 years for both pleasure and work, I use a combination of services to remain in constant contact with everyone cost-effectively. VOIP services Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a technology that in simple terms, allow a person to make phone calls over the Internet. Skype is one of the dominant leaders in this market. I use Skype to make.
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5 reasons why the Samsung Chromebook could be an excellent travel laptop

As a frequent backpacker, I’m constantly on the lookout for new ways to improve my travel gear. In all my trips, I have tested many different combinations of technology gadgets to see if they improve my travel experience. In this post, I am going to discuss about the Samsung Chromebook that I recently switched to, from a Microsoft Windows laptop and why it could be an excellent laptop replacement for your next travel adventure. A low-cost investment As a backpacker, I’m not too keen to bring expensive items overseas just in case I lose them. At 249.99 USD, the Samsung Chromebook is cheaper than most of the tablets and laptops in the market. The Samsung Chromebook also comes preloaded with the browser-based Chrome OS, so as long as you have used a Chrome browser before, the learning curve should be gentle. There’s also no need to purchase any software. Instead, visit.
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Interview with owners of the Here Be Dragons Hostel in Cambodia

When I was backpacking in Cambodia, I had the best time in Battambang, the second-largest city in the country. This is largely contributed by my stay in the incredibly cozy Here Be Dragons hostel. I have always been interested in how hostels are started, especially when I spent all my backpacking stays in hostels. Who is behind the scenes? What are the challenges? I was able to interview Jen, one of the owners of Here Be Dragons hostel. About Here Be Dragons Official opening of bar: 20 October 2012 Number of employees: 11 4 double rooms, 1 twin room, 6 dorm beds Price range: $2 – $10 Amenities: Restaurant, Bar, Pool, Garden, Roof Terrace, Free Wi-Fi, Travel Advice and Tickets, 10 mins walk from town centre Who are you and what did you do previously before starting your own hostel? I was born in a small village in the English countryside, but moved.
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Enjoying free wireless Internet access in Singapore

Singapore is not exactly the cheapest holiday location in Southeast Asia but staying in a developed country comes with its perks. One of the perks is not having to pay for wireless access. Developed by the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) of Singapore, Wireless@SG is a wireless broadband programme that aims to extend broadband Internet access beyond homes, schools and offices to public places. People on the move can enjoy free, both indoor and outdoor seamless wireless broadband access with speeds of up to 2 Mbps at public areas, allowing access to media-rich and interactive websites as well as use bandwidth-intensive applications such as video streaming. To make use of the free Wireless@SG service, you will need a registered Wireless@SG account. To register a Wireless@SG account, you will need a local mobile phone number (a prepaid SIM card would do). Here is a quick guide to get free Wi-Fi Internet access in Singapore. Find a.
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7 tips to survive travelling alone

Travelling alone can be daunting if you are doing it for the first time. What if you get stranded in the middle of nowhere? Is it weird dining in a restaurant alone? What if I get robbed? Will I get homesick? Having the experience of travelling quite a number of trips alone under my belt, here are some tips on surviving your first solo travel. Don’t leave your common sense at home Be aware that you are in another country and with that, comes with differences in culture and behaviors. Don’t flash expensive items and jewelry in public. Be aware of surroundings and not look distracted as it makes you a mark. Lock your room or locker and do not leave things like your laptop unattended. Remember, just because you are used to doing things in a certain way back home, doesn’t mean you can do the same in another.
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