A typical Chinese breakfast in Beijing

If you have been following my blog, you would realise that I love to explore a new country through its food culture. When I arrived at my hostel in Beijing, my room was not ready yet so I asked the reception for a place where I can get some authentic Chinese breakfast. She gave me directions to an eatery down the street that serves authentic Chinese breakfast. I went there and after observing what the customers were having, here’s what I bought for 8.50 RMB. This meal is simple yet filling. I added a little sugar in the soybean milk because it tasted a little bland. As the pancake is prepared upon order, it is fresh and crispy. The taste of the pancake is very close to the you tiao in Singapore, just much bigger. There is also an option to order an additional wanton soup. I looked at the.
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Staying overnight in Beijing Capital International Airport

Having chosen the cheapest flight to Beijing on a budget airline, I landed in Beijing Capital International Airport in the middle of the night. At that time, I had two options. Either spend 100 RMB on a taxi ride to the hostel or stay in the airport until 6 a.m. which is the time when the Beijing Airport Express opens and I can take a train to the city for 25 RMB. I decided on the second option to spend the night in the airport to save some money. Even if I took the cab, I don’t think I would be able to check into the hostel anyway. If you have watched Tom Hanks in The Terminal, you may remember this scene where he moved the chairs in the airport to form a makeshift bed. In reality, this isn’t a practical approach because you wouldn’t want to do anything that.
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China, my great adventure for 2013

After some drinks and chats with some friends who are working in China and recently flew back in Singapore for a few days, I decided that the destination for my big trip for this year will have to be China. I want to visit the Great Wall of China (one of the items in my life list) in Beijing and the Terra Cotta warriors in Xian. I’ll do some research on what I want to see along the way. Following my usual backpacking habit, which is to fly in to one city and fly home from another city, I booked my one-way tickets from Singapore to Beijing and Chengdu to Singapore. With only 16 days to spend, I figured I will focus on places around Beijing and Chengdu, and then visit other parts of China in future..
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