Banh Cuon (Steamed Rice Rolls)

As I was eating my Banh Cuon Thanh Tri, I noticed that the wife of the stallholder was making something else with the freshly made Banh Cuon. Banh Cuon (steamed rice rolls) is made from wide sheets of fermented rice batter made by pouring the batter over a piece of cloth which is stretched over a pot of boiling water and steamed to form.


Once cooked, the delicate rice sheet is then transferred to a metal plate where it is cut into four pieces.


Beside the metal plate is a big pot of filling consisting of seasoned ground pork, minced mushroom and minced shallots. A generous amount of filling is laid on the rice sheet and rolled into rice rolls. It looks a lot like Chee Cheong Fun, a Cantonese dish from Hong Kong.


When finished, more beans sprouts and vegetables are added to the dish. Although the presentation looks similar to the Banh Cuon Thanh Tri that I just had, the taste is different due to the filling. There is a strong aroma of mushroom and shallot in every bite. Because the Banh Cuon is freshly made, the rice roll is slightly warm and silky smooth. The bean sprouts and vegetables add a crunchy texture which goes very well with the rice roll. I can see why there are so many people queueing to buy the rice rolls.


Banh Cuon a healthy breakfast option in Vietnam with lots of fresh ingredients. Definitely worth checking out when you visit Vietnam.

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