Banh Cuon Thanh Tri (Vietnamese Rice Sheet Noodles)

After staying in Ho Chi Minh for the first few days, I realised that Vietnamese can eat rice noodles all day long. That means rice noodles for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Even on a hot day, they created a cold rice sheet noodle dish called Banh Cuon Thanh Tri (Vietnamese rice sheet noodles) that’s much easier to eat under the hot sun.

Along the road before the junction of Ton That Tung and Bui Vien is this little stall that sells cheap Banh Cuon Thanh Tri. Stalls along the street usually don’t have signboards so you will have to do a little searching in order to find this stall. Look for the man with the blue cap and his wife with a traditional Vietnamese hat in the photo below.


Banh Cuon Thanh Tri can be prepared within minutes upon ordering because all the ingredients have already been cooked beforehand and just needs to be assembled on a plate. This stall uses Vietnamese ham and fried spring rolls to go with the noodles. What makes every stall’s Banh Cuon Thanh Tri unique is their own blend of condiments to create the special sauce that binds all the ingredients together.


Oh did I mention that eating at roadside stalls also mean that you may not have a table to eat at? At this particular stall, the owners only prepared short stools that customers can use to sit by the roadside to eat their noodles. How’s that for an authentic local dining experience in Vietnam?


For readers who are looking for a place to dine comfortably, you may want to look for a restaurant where you can eat at a proper table setting. But if you are looking for an opportunity to eat like the locals, I think you are going to like this.

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