Shandong Pancake (山东煎饼)

Wondering through the streets in the morning in search for breakfast, I came across this stall with a banner that says Shandong Big Pancake 山东大煎饼. I’m intrigued by the word ‘Big’ (considering there’s a massive metal pan at the stall) so I decided to check them out.


Considering that the ingredients are just corn, grain and soybeans, I reckon that the pancake should be quite healthy. The stall owner told me that it costs RMB 5 for a pancake which is cheap so I went ahead and ordered one.

Here is a demonstration of how the pancake is made.


Beneath the metal pan is a gas stove and an electric motor that is connected to the pan. When the stall owner started the motor, the metal pan started spinning .


The stall owner began to pour a ladle of pancake mix on the spinning pan and used something that looks like a metal plate connected to a wooden stick to ensure that the liquid is spread evenly on the spinning pan and because of the spinning motion, the liquid becomes a round pancake.

As the pancake is very thin, I imagine that it will be super crispy. Once the pancake is cooked, the stall owner uses a metal fork to separate the pancake from the spinning pan and take it off the pan.


The stall owner set the pancake on a chopping board and started to fold the pancake into a layers.


The stall owner then brushed a special sauce and sprinkled some chives and green onions on the pancake. He then added a crispy dough cake and a few slices of lettuces before rolling them together. The pancake is divided into two before being packed in a plastic bag.


Here’s what the pancake looks like when it’s done.


I took a bite into one of halves of the pancake and what hits me first is the crispness of the pancake, lettuces and dough cake combination. Next is the fragrance of the chives, spring onions and special sauce.

A simple yet filling breakfast to start the day. I am very satisfied!

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