BBQ Seafood at the Night Market

Once we checked in to our hostel in Kota Kinabalu, the first thing we wanted to do is to get some local food into our stomach. I read many good reviews about the fresh and cheap barbeque seafood sold at the Filipino Night Market so I saved the address on my GPS and we walked to the night market from the hostel. When we first reached the night market, we thought we may have entered the wrong market because there were many stalls selling fresh fish, but none of them were doing any cooking. Seafood is sold at cheap prices in Kota Kinabalu as the city is by the sea with abundant seafood available. For a few ringgits you can get yourself 4-5 medium-sized fishes. Walking to the end of the night market, we were greeted with many stalls selling barbeque seafood. DSC02569 After checking out all the stalls, we found that they all offer the same variety of seafood, comprising of fresh fishes, stingrays, prawns and squids.¬†Here’s how you make your order. Choose the stall that you want to order your seafood from, get seated at a table behind the stall (every stall has its own allocated tables and seats) and wait for your seafood to be cooked and served. You can also opt to have rice for a complete meal. DSC02565 DSC02558 For those who are willing to splurge a bit more, you can also get fresh lobsters from some of the stalls. DSC02561 We also bought some chicken wings, livers and gizzards (I’m a huge fan of innards) from the barbeque stands behind the seafood stalls. The skin of the chicken wings are a little charred because of the honey in the marinate but what’s barbeque chicken wings without a little char? DSC02559 Though the food was delicious and the prices were cheap, we had a moderate dinner to prepare ourselves for the climb up Mount Kinabalu the next day. Still, we left the night market with a full stomach.

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