Yee Fung Claypot Chicken Rice

Before our flight back to Singapore, I wanted to have a good lunch. We found this coffee shop, Kedai Kopi Yee Fung that was crowded with customers eating their 3 main dishes, Laksa, Claypot Chicken Rice, and Ngau Chap (mixed beef) noodles. I decided on having the Claypot Chicken Rice.

I was delighted when I was served with my order.


The claypot is a small, individual size, half filled with rice. On top are pieces of chicken meat (portions of a chicken drumstick, my favorite!), mushrooms, lettuces and an egg.

The egg is half-cooked, which is perfect in my opinion. This is how I think this dish should be eaten. I start by taking all the chicken meat out of the claypot onto a plate. Next, I burst the egg yolk and let the runny egg yolk flow out onto the rice. Lastly, I stir everything in the claypot together, scrapping the bottom to free the charred bits of the rice from the claypot.

Now the dish is ready for consumption. The mixed rice is moist with the runny egg yolk, yet crispy and soft with the charred rice mixed with the fresh rice. The special dark gravy adds flavor to the rice. Complemented by the tender and juicy chicken meat, this dish is an absolute bliss. I also tasted bits of salted fish added to the rice.

I finished every last bit of rice in the claypot, craving for more.

The claypot chicken rice is very affordable, costing only 5.50 Ringgit for so many ingredients. A definite must try if you are visiting Kota Kinabalu.

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