How to travel the world and stay in constant contact with everyone

One of the biggest challenge when travelling is being able to stay in contact with friends and family. Especially if you are travelling across multiple countries, it is impossible to let everyone know what’s your newest mobile number.

Sure, you can maintain a roaming mobile number from your home country but how much would that cost you if you will be travelling for say, 6 months? I definitely wouldn’t want to end my trip with a large phone bill waiting for me back home.

Having travelled extensively over the last 2 years for both pleasure and work, I use a combination of services to remain in constant contact with everyone cost-effectively.

VOIP services

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a technology that in simple terms, allow a person to make phone calls over the Internet. Skype is one of the dominant leaders in this market. I use Skype to make free calls to other Skype users. For non-Skype calls, I would use VoIP services offered by Hoiio as the Singapore-based company offers cheaper calling rates for calls in Asia than Skype.

Pre-paid mobile SIM cards

When I travel alone, I always end up making many new friends along my travels. The best way need to stay in touch with new travel friends during the trip is to purchase a pre-paid mobile SIM card because the calling rates cost next to nothing and I can be reached anytime.

Call Forwarding Services

Staying contactable anywhere anytime also means my friends and family have to be able to contact me wherever I am. Although I have my pre-paid mobile SIM card, it is very tedious to update everyone with my latest number. The solution to this is having a phone number with a call forwarding service. I use a Hoiio service called Direct Line that allows me to forward all incoming calls (to my Direct Line number) to my current pre-paid mobile SIM card.

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