Wondering through the streets in the morning in search for breakfast, I came across this stall with a banner that says Shandong Big Pancake 山东大煎饼. I’m intrigued by the word ‘Big’ (considering there’s a massive metal pan at the stall) so I decided to check them out. Considering that the ingredients are just corn, grain and soybeans, I reckon that the pancake should be quite healthy. The stall owner told me that it costs RMB 5 for a pancake which is cheap so I went ahead and ordered one. Here is a demonstration of how the pancake is made.   Beneath the metal pan is a gas stove and an electric motor that is connected to the pan. When the stall owner started the motor, the metal pan started spinning . The stall owner began to pour a ladle of pancake mix on the spinning pan and used something that.
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