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Climbing Mount Kinabalu

The day started off great! Our tour agency picked us up from our hostel on time and we were well on our way to the foot of Mount Kinabalu where we got registered and assigned our tour guide, Alfred. The driver drove us up to Timpohon Gate at an altitude of 1,866 metres where we started our 6km trek up to Laban Rata, where we will stay for the night before the climb up to Low’s Peak (summit). We also walked past the results of last year’s Mount Kinabalu International Climbathon. Yes, there are people that crazy to race and climb Mount Kinabalu and complete it just slightly over 2 hours. After signing in at the gate to confirm the commencement of our climb, we started our 6 km trek. We had no problem trekking the first 5 km. Sure you get greeted by various terrains, from man-made stairs to stone paths but it.
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Beginning of the Kinabalu adventure

The past few days have been quite terrible in Singapore as locals from our “neighbour from hell”, Indonesia has decided to set fire to their forests during the dry season to clear the land for farming. As a result, the smog from the fire was blown towards Singapore, causing a haze situation with the pollution index hitting an all time high. I was concerned about how this could impact the trip and whether it would still be possible to climb Mount Kinabalu. The adventurous me and my friend Sandy decided to just go ahead with the flight and see how it goes at Kota Kinabalu. I’ve checked the weather forecast and it looks all good and the air is supposedly cleaner than Singapore. Luckily when I landed, the sky is only a little gray and the air is still fresh compared to Singapore. I have high hopes that when we.
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