During my short backpacking trip in Ho Chi Minh, I had the opportunity of eating one of the best Pho Bo, Vietnamese beef noodle soup in Ho Chi Minh. Pho is a common staple dish in the country with decades of history. Along the streets of Ho Chi Minh, you can easily find street vendors and restaurants selling Pho at almost every street corner. What makes a good Pho Bo? The dish may seem easy to make to some. I mean, it’s pretty difficult to overcook the flat rice noodles used to make Pho Bo unless you intentionally leave it in a pot of boiling water for a very long period of time. The skill in making an awesome Pho Bo, is in the broth and the beef. The broth has to be clear and flavourful. Made by simmering beef bones, onion, ginger and many other spices over long hours on.
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