A normal day in Bangkok

After a tiring night, I woke up in the morning and decided that I was going to take the day slow and chill out. Ingo was still asleep so I took out my laptop and brought it down to the cafe/lobby to suef the web while having my breakfast. I know I shouldn’t be doing any form of work while I’m on vacation but I really hate to let my inbox grow exponentially only to fight the giant backlog when i get home. Took the time to update my Facebook status as well. I had jam and toast complemented with a cup of tea which was a great start to the lovely morning.


Done with my breakfast, I kept my laptop and took a walk down Siam to do some window shopping. While crossing the BTS to go to MBK shopping mall, I saw this huge dog just lying down on the ground and a Thai fellow just placed his sunglasses on the dog. It was so funny and I couldn’t resist not taking a photo. The street was very similar to Orchard Road in Singapore so I didn’t expect to find anything cheap and worth buying. True enough, everything was priced close to what shops in Singapore would have done. Though I didn’t buy anything, I enjoyed the cool air-conditioning in the shopping malls as opposed to the scotching heat out on the streets.


I had a quick lunch at KFC in one of the shopping malls since it was noon and my stomach was grumbling. Nothing to rave about, just fills the stomach. On the way back, I came across this busker who got a couple of buckets of different sizes and converted them into a makeshift drum set. He was drumming away on the street and many passerbys looking at his performance.

Here’s a video of his performance.



When i got back to my room, Ingo was already up. We hung out in the room, chatting about our trips. When it was time for dinner, he suggested that we go for a Japanese buffet dinner. In Germany where Ingo came from, buffets were rare and if there ever was a buffet restaurant, it would be very expensive. We went to Shabushi which was located in MBK which I went earlier. Apparently, Shabushi is a well known Japanese buffet restaurant that had outlets everywhere. With lots of food in his stomach, Ingo is a happy man.

a-normal-day-in-bangkok-3 a-normal-day-in-bangkok-4

We did a bit more window shopping in MBK after dinner. Ingo told me that his friends were coming down to the hostel to meet him and we could all buy some beer and hang out at the “Green” balcony which was basically an open space with tables and chairs to relax outside the hostel. After walking around MBK, Ingo got a call and his friends had already reached the hostel so we hurried back. That’s where I met his friends, Ogi and Keith.

Ogi and Keith are an interesting couple. Ogi is a Mongolian and Keith is an Englishman. Both of them met and got together and are staying in Bangkok. Keith is an Internet Marketer who makes money doing projects off websites such as freelancer.com. As the lifestyle in Thailand is quite low cost, he needs to make around USD100 and the couple could live pretty comfortable in Bangkok.

We bought a few bottles of beers from the 7-Eleven next door and hung out at the balcony. We must have been making a lot of noise and appear to be having such a good time because the other travellers sitting in the lobby decided to join us. Our group is such an interesting mix of people. If you look at the photo on the right, we have a German, a Mongolian, a Korean, two Japanese, a Canadian and an Englishman.


After a long night of chatting and making merry, we all retired for the rest of the night.

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