Chilling out in Bangkok, the cheap and expensive way

In the evening, I met up with Ingo, Ogi and Jihoon for dinner and drinks. Ogi was going to be late so we decided to get some drinks first. Ingo always wanted to visit the sky bar where the movie Hangover 2 was filmed, Sirocco Bar and Restaurant at Lebua State Tower.

Unfortunately, nobody bothered to google the name of the bar and we simply hopped onto a taxi and told the driver to drive us to the highest bar in Bangkok. Not a good idea! The taxi driver drove us to Baiyoke Sky Hotel instead. We didn’t know that this wasn’t the sky bar that we wanted to go so we paid the pretty expensive entrance to get up there.


Although the Rooftop bar at Baiyoke Sky Hotel wasn’t the one we intended to go, it was equally impressive. I would say that this bar is probably one of the most up-market bar in Bangkok. Visitors get a panoramic view of the city through the glass panes as they walk around the bar. So we had a drink while we waited for Ogi’s call.


After our drink, we met Ogi at Sukhumvit where we had dinner at a Korean barbecue restaurant. With a true Korean at the table, Jihoon showed us the right way of cook meat on the barbecue. Apparently, you can even barbecue kimchi too!

Dinner was excellent and Ogi and I wanted to get some drinks after dinner.  Ingo wasn’t too keen as he wasn’t feeling well and Jihoon had other plans. Ogi suggested that we go to Cheap Charlie’s for drinks.


Cheap Charlie’s was founded by a man named, yes, Charlie three decades ago in 1982. Back then the place was a small outdoor bar at the side of a small alley in Sukhumvit Soi 11. Fast forward 29 years, and the place is still a small bar at the side of a small alley in Sukhumvit Soi 11. The bar is now run by Charlie’s brother, Satit after Charlie passed away.

While Cheap Charlie’s is just a small bar counter with a couple of tables and chairs outside, it’s uniqueness is the bar counter itself. Patrons, mostly travellers would drop by with souvenirs for the bar. As a result, you can see heaps of unique and odd decorations at the bar, mostly made of wood.

All the drinks in the menu ranging from cocktails to beers cost 70 Thai Baht each at Cheap Charlie’s. As far as bar prices go, they’re quite cheap.

Ogi and I had a great night, cheap drinks and interesting conversations.

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