Consider staying in hostels instead of hotels

The Suvarnabhumi Airport is very similar to Changi Airport in the sense that getting to the city, is very easy. You can choose to take a cab, the Airport Rail Link, or the City Line train (BTS). I chose the cheapest option, which was to ride the City Line train which stops at every station, all the way to Phaya Thai station. It’s really efficient how temporary rides are done with a plastic round chip that is used to tapped at the gantry to enter but deposited into the gantry to exit.


When I browsed through the list of hostels in Bangkok on, Lub d Bangkok Siam Square stood out with the most positive reviews from backpackers all over the world. Though they were a bit more expensive, I figured that I might as well pay a bit more for a hostel in a central location with raving reviews.

From Phaya Thai station, I switched lines and headed to National Stadium station where Lub d was located right across the road. It’s really convenient as there’s an overhead bridge that connects across the road, providing a sheltered walkway to the hostel. There was also the 7-eleven next door which I went to top up my pre-paid card to for a 100MB data plan.


The hostel lobby gives a very welcoming feeling. I love how they chose bright colours for the walls, topped with creative designs. As I approach the reception counter, I am greeted by a team of young and cheerful English-speaking service staff whom promptly helped me with my check-in to my room.

I rented a bed in their Deluxe Dorm, which is essentially a room with four beds, rented out separately. The room is clean, simple and air-conditioned. Beside each bed is a power point, a personal bed light, and a card slot for you to insert your room key card (oops, did I mention that the hostel uses key cards instead of keys? So in order to enter your room, you need to scan the key card to enter the dormitory area, and then use it to enter your room as well) to turn on the power when you are in the room. On top of that, warm shower and soap is provided in the common toilet.

All in all, I am glad that I chose to stay in Lub d.

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