Thailand, here I come!

It’s 5am in the morning when I arrived at the Budget Terminal in Changi Airport. I had never been to the Budget Terminal before and I was kinda curious what it would be like.

Turns out that the Budget Terminal was very different! Unlike Terminal 1 and 2 where the interior looks posh and classy and passengers are casually walking to their flight gates, the Budget Terminal gave me the impression that I was teleported into India. The place was noisy and packed with people rushing around.

My original plan was to just bring along a backpack for the trip but I never got around to buy one. So I packed everything in a suitcase and paid extra money for it to be checked in, while I carried with me a daypack. Once everything was checked in and my passport got stamped, I checked in for my flight. Apart from this being the first time i entered the Budget Terminal, it was also the first time I flew on a budget airline. Boy was I in for a whole new experience! Instead of boarding the aircraft through a jet bridge, we walked down the tarmac to the aircraft. This was the first time I was up close and personal with an aircraft. Once I got in, I shuffled to my designated seats, like the rest of the passengers.

The flight was alright, nothing spectacular since everything was on budget. Basically you get from point A to point B safely. That’s all. Not a problem for me since it was only a couple hours of flight time.

Upon reaching Suvarnabhumi Airport, I followed the same direction that everyone was heading (with the occasional glance at the signs) and arrived at the airport checkpoints and joined the long queue of foreigners to get their passport stamped. It took some time before I got to the counter. The officer had a stern look, unlike the friendly officers usually seen at the checkpoints in Changi Airport. But no matter, my passport got stamped and I am officially in Bangkok, Thailand!

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