Visiting Chatuchak Weekend Market

I read that Chatuchak Weekend Market,is very popular shopping centre to Thais and has become a popular place to tourists and foreigners who visit Bangkok. So I planned my flight to Bangkok in the wee Saturday morning so that I would reach Bangkok in the morning and be able to visit Chatuchak Weekend Market after checking into the hostel.

To get to Chatuchak Weekend Market, you need to take a ride on the BTS to Mo Chit station and simply follow the crowd. That was the directions provided by the hostel staff. So I walked back to National Stadium station to take the train down to Siam station where I switched to the green line where Mo Chit is the final station.

At every station, there is a staff who stands at attention at one end of the platform, blowing a whistle loudly to inform passengers of the incoming train. This was something I had to get used to as the train stations in Singapore did not have this. The train was nothing spectacular compared to the trains in Singapore, but they suffice. Unlike Singaporeans, the locals automatically moved to the middle of the carriage so that other passengers could board the train.

The journey was quite long, seeing how Mo Chit station was the final stop but I got there eventually. True to the words of the hostel staff, there was indeed a steady flow of people moving towards one direction. I followed the human traffic and true enough, I reached Chatuchak Weekend Market.


The market is huge! If all the night markets in Singapore were to combine together, they would make up a quarter of Chatuchak Weekend Market. You can find practically anything from clothes to handmade leather goods. Even kitchen wares could be bought there! Though its a huge market, stalls selling the same category of goods are grouped together so that you will be moving from sectors to sectors within the market without missing anything. As this was my first day in Bangkok, my intention was to browse through the market without buying anything. However, my grumbling stomach told me that breakfast was in order.

Not wanting to sit down for a proper meal, I bought an assortment of fried food to snack along the way. The most interesting item in the assortment was fried dumpling with quail egg. Crispy dumpling skin on the outside with soft quail egg on the inside. Something that’s not sold in Singapore.


I spent a few hours window shopping in the market before I decided to go for lunch. I picked up a cool “For luck, rub my tummy” tee shirt which looked cool and was pretty cheap. After walking through a few food stalls, I finally settled down one that had a photo of a plate of fried chicken and rice. As it was my first time in Thailand, I had no idea how to pronounce the dish so I pointed to the photo and said, “one”. Fortunately, the stall owner understood what I wanted and started cooking.

My first meal in Thailand, fried chicken with rice for 45 Thai Baht. Works out to around 2 Singapore Dollars. Cheap!

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