Visiting the motorbike festival, watching a free Muai Thai match, and probably the best Japanese buffet ever!

Last night, we saw the organizers setting up the stage for a massive exhibition outside Central World. Looking at the banner, we realised that the Bangkok Motorbike Festival 2012 was opening the next day. Ingo loves motorbikes (and the pretty models who showcase them) so we made plans to visit the show tomorrow.

Bangkok Motorbike Festival 2012

It was raining in the morning and we weren’t interesting in getting wet. Hence we started the day late in the afternoon and we started walking to Central World, which was 15 mins walk away from our hostel. There were a lot of cool motorbikes  being exhibited and looking at the number of motorbikes on the streets, I don’t think sales would be a problem. I even saw a police motorbike at the show. Very vintage, very cool!


Update: There was an article that I read after my trip that mentioned about how a former senator said that salesgirls are all boobs and no brains in these shows. I must say that it’s not really true because some of the salesgirls were also emcees for their booths and they were very articulate.

Here are more photos from the 4th Bangkok Motorbike Festival 2012.


We did some shopping in Platinum Mall which is a wholesale distribution shopping mall, something like City Plaza in Singapore but much better. I bought more clothes for the trip as I packed light and could do with more clothes. In Platinum Mall, you can see retailers pulling trolleys around, buying clothes for their boutiques. There were even some retailers who were changing the labels of the clothes to their own brand in quiet corners. If you think that clothes are cheap at Chatuchak, you really should visit Platinum Mall which is much nearer. The only way to secure the best price for your clothes is to buy at least 3 clothes at one go to be entitled to wholesale prices. It wasn’t very difficult since Ingo and I were shopping together.

After we were done with shopping, we went back to the hostel to keep all our stuff. Ingo went to visit the Post Office. I on the other hand, had other plans.

Watching a free Muay Thai match

Before I came to Bangkok, I had set my mind on watching an authentic Muay Thai match. However, the ticket was too expensive and I wasn’t keen to pay for it as I wasn’t a big fan of the sport. There was a glimpse of hope of being able to watch a Muay Thai match for free when I saw the large billboard outside MBK about Fight Night. Fight Night happens every Wednesday whereby you can watch free Muay Thai matches from 6-9pm for a couple of weeks.

When I got to the MBK, it was packed with heaps of people waiting for the matches to start and there weren’t any seats left. I could only watch the match from the walkway outside National Stadium station.


Okay, so it wasn’t really up front and personal with the fighters, but I did get to watch an authentic Muay Thai fight for FREE!

After watching a couple of fights and chalking it to my Bangkok travel experience, I moved on to meet Ingo for dinner.

Probably the best Japanese buffet ever!

The night before, Ingo told me he saw a Japanese restaurant on the way back that serves buffet with freeflow of sashimi for 400 Thai Baht. That works out close to a regular buffet price in Singapore so it’s considered expensive by Thailand’s standard although there are more expensive Japanese buffets around the area. We agreed to go check the restaurant out tonight so he made reservation.

We were glad that we made reservations as there was quite a queue outside and we were ushered to our table as we arrived on time. The restaurant is called Kin Japanese Buffet & Ramen. For 400 Thai Baht, you get a all-you-can-eat buffet with free flow sashimi for 1 hour and 45 minutes. The time seems a bit short, but the spread was very good. The fish were fresh and in a good variety.

If you are in Bangkok and you could only have one buffet, I would strongly encourage you to give Kin Japanese Buffet & Ramen a try!

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